About Us

We are part of Calworth Glenford LLC, in business since 1997, and we are revolutionizing email marketing for larger lists by saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars per month, with better deliverability than ever before.


Our founder and CEO Richard Geller has worked in email since 1994, when the Internet was born.

Our management team includes engineering, software development, system administration, deliverability experts and copywriters.

Our team of 30 people has servers in the US and Europe, so we can deliver huge volumes of email to the inbox.

We maintain enormous pools of IP addresses and sending domains, with automated systems that get around temporary ESP blocks for maximum inboxing.

And, we are very good at copywriting and creating offers, too.

Best of all…

One lower flat monthly rate…unlimited everything

You can mail as often as you want, to as many people as you want. Even several times a day.

All for one low flat monthly fee.

Our Concierge account managers will load your email, assign it to our powerful servers, and watch its progress as it gets delivered.

Your list can be 50,000 or 100,000,000. It doesn’t matter!

Our proprietary systems get very high inboxing for you because we mail to your list based upon engagement. The ESPs like Google and Verizon see super-engaged people so they are happy to inbox your email.

No messing with HTML and IP addresses

We think you don’t want to spend your time messing with technical stuff.

Instead you want to make money with your email.

We can help you by writing your emails and putting together offers on your behalf

We can create offers for you and even work on a revenue share

That means you can turn your email list into an amazing revenue stream.

Set an appointment now to talk to one of our business development experts. We may be able to offer you the first month service free.