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Let us send all your emails, no matter how many, and no matter how large your list, for one low monthly fee

Finally – a fully managed concierge service that lovingly delivers your emails to the inbox and the “Important” tab on gmail — for a fraction of what others are charging

We prepare and send your emails so they get inboxed reliably. And we do that for very large marketers in the industry — for a fraction of what others are charging.

What’s included in our service

We manage your entire email process for you.

You provide the list and we do everything else sending broadcast and auto responder emails.

We do everything for you to send emails and get results…

Our focus is completely different than any of our competitors.

Our entire system is set up to give you the maximum number of clicks and conversions.

We do this through our system we call Inbox 1000.

…what is Inbox 1000?

Inbox 1000 is completely different from how you may be sending emails now.

Rather than having you tediously enter emails into a self-service system and then hope and pray your email is delivered…

…you interact with our Account Concierge who gets your emails inboxed using our proprietary systems and outstanding client service.

And our Inbox 1000 system gets you 40% or more results than you are getting now — by emailing according to engagement.

Why does Inbox 1000 work so well?

Most emailers send emails to their entire list, or an entire list segment.

But the ISPs such as Gmail examine all bulk sends in real time.

They look at engagement rates — opens, clicks, replies — and they then judge you as an email sender, and this particular send, in deciding whether to deliver your email to the recipients…

…and whether to put it in the “Important” emails or not.

The result is often bad deliverability

Inbox 1000 is completely different.

Inbox 1000 sends emails first to those most likely to interact, so that the ISP such as Gmail can see this bulk send is one that users actually want.

The ISPs then deliver the remaining emails, and here is where Inbox 1000 continues to shine.

With Inbox 1000, we send emails to those likely to respond, and we send very few emails to those unlikely to respond.

So the engagement rate on your sends is very high — which creates extremely high deliverability and the “Important” emails include yours.

A white glove concierge service

We do everything to load your emails and make sure they get into the inbox of your prospect or customer.

You don’t have to do anything once you’ve sent your email copy to us — we take care of the entire send, from beginning to end.

Our system prioritizes engagement. We email to people who are most likely to open and click. The result is much better results than any other email approach.

And we do it all for you so you don’t have to.

Besides our Inbox 1000 getting you high numbers of clicks and sales, here is what we also do for you, that is all included:

  • All data is stored in our Data Vault, accessible only according to the most exacting security standards because we know how important your email list is to you — your most valuable asset.
  • We use a hardened data center with redundancy and daily backups off site.
  • Verifies that the email addresses are legitimate and available for receiving your email
  • Tracks sends, opens, and clicks
  • Calculates open rates, click rates, and bounces
  • Tracks complaints and intelligently handles them
  • Handles soft and hard bounces correctly
  • Proactively takes action when something is wrong
  • Manages suppression lists to exceed legal standards
  • Manages black lists so you avoid sending to complainers and so links that are blacklisted, will be avoided
  • Maintains compliance with Can-Spam and State Laws
  • Manages segments intelligently so you can send to only your buyers of X product, for instance, or only prospects who have clicked on a particular link

Of course, you could do all this yourself…

If you wanted to spend countless hours analyzing endless numbers when you could be doing something productive.

We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive range of email deliverability and list management services, including email verification, segment identification, compliance and audit, and technical support.

Our team of experts handles everything for you, from list management to email delivery, so you can focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to deliver high-quality email marketing solutions to direct response marketers and potential clients of all sizes.

We also provide regular reports on how many emails were sent out, how many were opened, and how many clicks were received, giving you a clear picture of your email marketing performance.

We believe that transparency is key, and we want you to have complete visibility into how your campaigns are performing.

Every business is unique…

Which is why we make sure all our services are personalized.

We want to help you meet your specific goals.

We’re working with you to understand your business goals and develop marketing campaigns tailored to your audience.

How we developed our Inbox 1000 System

We are marketers ourselves, with very large clients for whom we send emails.

We developed the Inbox 1000 system over many years, with our own in-house developer team.

We have an ultra demanding application ourselves, managing emails for a variety of clients.

So now we are expanding and helping other clients who are coming to us for help.

“How would I start working with Cal-Message?”

We just need a few emails that you’ve sent recently, and a few stats from you.

We’ll assemble it all and then give you a firm proposal at a fixed monthly cost including everything — no extras at all.

You can send as often as you want…you can split test…you can have different forms and different segments…you can use an API to add additional names to your list.

Everything is included and we help you with getting the list transferred from your current vendor.

You can operate with your current vendor in parallel with us and then let them know it’s time to shut the lights out as we will be your new vendor after we have proven ourselves.

That way, there is very little risk for anyone.

“Who owns my list?”

You do. If you ever want to end our service, we will help you get the list over to you or to your vendor, and make sure they can take over seamlessly.

“Who writes my emails?”

You can write your emails, or we can write them. We have staff copywriters who write emails in different markets.

“How are IP addresses handled? Is this a dedicated IP address situation?”

We season and maintain all IP addresses and sending domains amongst our clients for the Inbox 1000 system. That means we can begin getting you very high deliverability almost immediately.

Why are results often poor at first?

Often you “think” your emails were getting delivered. But they weren’t. When we use UHD customers and prospects get emails from you that they haven’t been receiving for weeks, months or years.

That’s why spam complaints are often higher at the beginning, and why we will phase in deliverability to avoid a problem with people who have forgotten about you suddenly getting your emails.

“How do you know my list is legit?”

We ask that you certify that you have obtained your list through opt-ins or purchases, and not purchased the list from third parties.

We will also verify all email addresses through our system, CVERIFY, part of UHD, and will eliminate addresses that would hard bounce.

We will begin mailing in phases so we get a feel for your entire list. This can take a few days.

“How does privacy work?”

We work within your privacy policy. We do not share your lists with any parties without your permission, ever.

“Do you use outside vendors to process my emails?”

We use software we host ourselves, that is combination of software written by us, and software under license.

“How secure is your system?”

We store data on a solution that is hosted at the Google data center and not accessible outside that data center.

We also store data in the European Union at a secure data center.

Every piece of data is encrypted in place on our servers, and encrypted in transit with TLS or SSL.

And we use servers hosted at recognized large data centers to actually process the emails and the UHD system and do the actual sends.

We limit access to our systems to legitimate users who can only access through our company virtual private network and SSH access.

Our data centers have the most advanced security.

Our people who have access to our systems are generally people who have been with us for many years as our turnover is very, very low.

“Can you help me with compliance?”

We submit every send to audit to a third party emailing consultant firm, to make sure that every email is compliant, to the best of our ability.

It is ultimately your responsibility as the client to certify that your email addresses submitted to us are legitimate and that you are in compliance with all local and federal laws.