Best way to send millions of emails and get inboxed consistently

Emailing large lists is hard unless you use a system like ours. Here is what you have to do.

What you have to do is you have to mail your most engaged people first.

Those people will open, click and even reply.

Opens, clicks and replies count as engagement.

Opens are good engagement, clicks are really good engagement, and replies are super good engagement.

What you don’t want is to mail a large number of people and have them not do anything, or have some of them report you as spam and have hard bounces.

You don’t want that.

So if you’re going to mail millions of emails per day and you’re going to get inboxed, you first send a small number of email to your most engaged people.

Then you send more emails to the less engaged people, and you avoid sending emails to anybody that would hard bounce or anybody that’s not engaging at all over a period of time.

And that’s how you get inboxed consistently.

And we’ve sent millions and millions of emails this way every week, every day, every month.

And we get inboxed consistently because we’re mailing to very engaged people first, and then we’re mailing less often to less engaged people.

And we’re very aggressive about avoiding hard bounces and not getting people to report us as spam.

It really only takes over a 10th of 1% to report you as spam to get you in real trouble.

And the real trouble is, if you mail to somebody who hasn’t been responding for a while, their email may have turned into a spam trap by Spamcop, or Spamhaus.

And this is real trouble you really need to avoid.

So we’ve been through all of that.

We’ve had it happen to us, we’ve figured out how to get around it legitimately, honestly, ethically, and we will help you send millions of emails.

We can even do it on a rev share basis sometimes.

We can do it for a very low flat rate.

Even if you have millions, millions of emails a month, we’ll do everything for you.

We’ll even load the emails we’ll send them, we’ll monitor everything, we’ll get through the queuing processes, we’ll get around blocks, everything to make sure your emails get inboxed consistently.

If this sounds good, click on the link and get in touch with one of our business development people. And we’ll help you with the whole process so that you can immediately be getting your list emailed and be making money with your list.

We even can, in some cases, offer the first month free. In other cases, we can do a revenue share. We’re happy to do that. So let us first show you what we can do.