How to get inboxed even if you’ve been kicked off other emailing platforms

We ourselves started out by getting kicked off of many emailing platforms.

I’m not going to tell you the names of those companies and platforms…

…,but you know who they are, all the big players. We’ve had accounts with every major player, every single one.

We’ve had millions of email addresses, we’ve been cut off completely, we’ve been held hostage, we’ve been told that we had to leave…

… we’ve had every bad thing happen to us.

We’ve been told many times that they didn’t like our subject matter, they didn’t like us.

We sometimes mail for things like dating and offers that revolve around the physical activities between men and women.

They’re not pornographic, but they’re the kind of thing that some of the more straight laced players really hate.

So we had to go it on our own.

And after we got kicked off, we realized how difficult it is to get inboxed.

We’ve seen people that had major launches going that got kicked off of their email service provider and just in the middle of the launch with absolutely notice and they couldn’t even download their list and couldn’t mail in their launch.

So what I’ve developed is a way that you can get inboxed even if you’ve been kicked off of other emailing platforms.

The way it works is we will begin by scrubbing your list to delete hard bounces. Email addresses that hard bounce are really, really bad so we test the list and delete as many hard bounces as we can.

A hard bounce means that the email has been shut off or isn’t accessible and if you have too many hard bounces, it will ruin your deliverability and it will get you on blacklist.

Then we continue by emailing a small part of your list immediately, as long as we get some positive results, we’ll email a bigger part of your list and then this can happen in the same day.

And then we’ll email a larger part of your list so that within a few days we can be emailing a large amount of your list.

Even so, we’ll do all that and by the time we’re done, you’ll have a fantastic list getting more clicks than you did before.

And you’ll be doing it without any problem, even if your content is sensitive or other people won’t email for you.

So I would suggest if you’re looking immediately to get started with somebody, click on the link to get in touch with us, and we’ll have somebody help you immediately.

Even if you’ve been kicked off of other emailing platforms, don’t worry about it, just get in touch with us.