Best way to email large lists

The best way to email large lists.

If you’re emailing large lists, it’s very easy to get spammed and into blacklists and to get into real trouble.

The way that people get in trouble emailing large lists is they first of all are emailing people who don’t respond by click or opening or replying today.

You have to realize that there’s so many emails that are going around that the email service providers like Google and Verizon, including Yahoo and a lot of other properties, they won’t inbox you if you’re mailing a large list.

The only reason they will inbox you is if you give them a high engagement rate on your list.

That is, if you’re emailing a large list and you get high engagement, they will be happy to inbox you and you’ll be on the important tab on Google, on Gmail.

But if you just mail a large list without regard to the engagement, you’ll email lists people that are old, people that have maybe requested to get off of a list…

…or they’ll click on report as spam and they’ll report you as spam.

And it doesn’t take too many reports and hard bounces today to end up on major blacklists like Spamhaus or SORBS, and to end up just constantly in the spam folder, or not delivered even in the spam folder.

So we have a system where we mail millions and millions of emails every day, every week, every month, many millions.

And we have a proprietary deliverability system that lets us mail very large lists and we mail people based on engagement.

So people who engage frequently get a lot of emails, and people that don’t engage very often don’t get very many emails…

…and people that stop engaging don’t get any emails…

…and that protects you from ending up on these terrible blacklists.

And it also gives you a very high number of clicks of call to action when it comes to email.

The whole point is to maximize revenue by maximizing generally clicks and whatever people are buying or contributing to, maximizing the overall revenue percent.

And oftentimes that can be done by taking a very large list, segmenting it into smaller lists and mailing to different segments depending on their engagement levels. So that both avoids blacklisting and also gets you in the inbox.

So you get a very high response rate to the emails that go out end up in front of your prospects and customers.

Quite often we have a 30 or 40% open rate on emails and a very high number of clicks even on large lists.

Using this method, if you’d like to know more, what you want to do is get in touch with one of our business development specialists, just click on the link here and we’ll be happy to answer questions for you and give you a demo of our system.

We can mail very large lists as many times as you want to mail to them, even many times a day for a fraction of the cost that other people are charging.

And we can do it all for one flat rate.

We can even do a joint venture with you where we might mail for you, put together offers, do the copywriting so you don’t have to do anything, and you can maximize the revenue on your list.

…or we can joint venture with you, or we can do it on a cost sharing basis.

So it definitely pays to click here and get in touch with us.